2017 International Conference on

Software Engineering & Knowledge Engineering

July 5-July 7, 2017


Tuesday, July 4

19:00 – 21:00

Registration (Schenley Pre-Hall)




Wednesday, July 5

07:30 – 08:10

Registration (Schenley Pre-Hall)

08:10 – 08:20

S. K. Chang, Jerry Gao, XuDong He, Oscar Pereira and Angelo Perkusich (Carnegie I-II)

08:20 – 09:00

(Keynote I) Chair: XuDong He
Gul Agha, Actor-Oriented Programming for the Internet of Things
(Carnegie I-II)

09:00 – 09:20

Coffee Break

09:20 – 10:35

Parallel Sessions

Session Wed-I-1
Data Intensive Services based Application-I
Chair: Youhuizi Li
(Carnegie I-II)

Session Wed-II-1
Software Architecture
Chair: Alexandre Le Borgne
(Ball Room I-III)

Session Wed-III-1
Risk Management
Chair: Luis Silva
(Ball Room IV-VI)

Answering Who/When, What, How, Why through Constructing Data Graph, Information Graph, Knowledge Graph and Wisdom Graph    (video)

Lixu Shao, Yucong Duan, Xiaobing Sun, Honghao Gao, Donghai Zhu and Weikai Miao

BPaaS: A Platform for Artifact-centric Business Process Customization in Cloud Computing

Min Gao, Yuyu Yin, Ying Li, Xingfei Wang, Lipeng Guo and Zaidie Chen

Applying Probability Model to The Genetic Algorithm Based Cloud Rendering Task Scheduling (video)

Guobin Zhang, Huahu Xu, Honghao Gao and Minjie Bian

Substitutability-Based Version Propagation to Manage the Evolution of Three-Level Component-Based Architectures

Alexandre Le Borgne, David Delahaye, Marianne Huchard, Christelle Urtado and Sylvain Vauttier

Towards a Models Traceability and Synchronization Approach of an Enterprise Architecture (S)

Jose Rogério Poggio Moreira and Rita Suzana Pitangueira Maciel

Infrastructure Based on Template Engines for Automatic Generation of Source Code for Self-adaptive Software Domain (S)

Gabriele Salgado Benato, Frank José Affonso and Elisa Yumi Nakagawa

A Knowledge Engineering Process for the Development of Argumentation Schemes for Risk Management in Software Projects

Denise Da Luz Siqueira, Lisandra M. Fontoura, Rafael H. Bordini and Luis A. L. Silva

Argumentation Schemes for the Collaborative Debate of Requirement Risks in Software Projects

Denise Da Luz Siqueira, Lisandra M. Fontoura, Rafael H. Bordini and Luis A. L. Silva

An empirical study on software engineering and software startups: Findings from cases in an innovation ecosystem (S)

Leandro Pompermaier, Rafael Chanin, Afonso Sales, Kellen Fraga and Rafael Prikladnicki

10:45 – Noon

Parallel Sessions

Session Wed-I-2
Data Intensive Services based Application-II
Chair: Youhuizi Li
(Carnegie I-II)

Session Wed-II-2
Software Process
Chair: Angelo Perkusich
(Ball Room I-III)

Session Wed-III-2
Literature Review
Chair: Luis Silva
(Ball Room IV-VI)

POQAS-S: a Novel Programmer-Oriented Online Question Answering System With Semantic Comprehension (video)

Feng Guo, Guangquan Xu, Ning Zhang and Kaili Qiu

Logical Tree and Complex Event Processing in Power Systems: One Approach to Situation Awareness (S) (video)

Juntao Li and Yu Huang

I/O Performance Isolation Analysis and Optimization on Linux Containers

Li Zhou, Yifan Zhang, Youhuizi Li, Na Yun and Lifeng Yu

A Framework to Build Bayesian Networks to Assess Scrum-based Development Methods

Mirko Perkusich, Kyller Gorgônio, Hyggo Almeida and Angelo Perkusich

Ordering the Product Backlog in Agile Software Development Projects: A Systematic Literature Review

Ana Silva, André Silva, Thalles Araújo, Renan Barbosa, Felipe Ramos, Alexandre Costa, Mirko Perkusich and Ednaldo Dilorenzo

BPL-Framework 2.0: Support tool for Creation and Instantiation of Business Process Lines (S) (video)

Delacyr Almeida Monteiro Ferreira, Débora Maria Barroso Paiva and Maria Istela Cagnin

Practical similarities and differences between Systematic Literature Reviews and Systematic Mappings: a tertiary study

Bianca Napoleão, Katia Felizardo, Érica Souza and Nandamudi Vijaykumar

An Experience Report on Update of Systematic Literature Reviews

Lina Garcés, Katia Felizardo, Lucas Oliveira and Elisa Nakagawa

System of Systems Requirements: A Systematic Literature Review using Snowballing (S)

Renata Martinuzzi de Lima, Daniel de Vargas and Lisandra Manzoni Fontoura

Noon – 13:00

Lunch Break

13:00 – 15:00

Parallel Sessions

Session Wed-I-3
Big Data R&D In Knowledge Engineering-I
Chair: Xiao Yu
(Carnegie I-II)

Session Wed-II-3
Chair: Oscar Pereira
(Ball Room I-III)

Session Wed-III-3
Formal Methods
Chair: XuDong He
(Ball Room IV-VI)

Authenticity Protection in Outsourced Database (S) (video)

Jun Ye, Zheng Xu and Yong Ding

Constructing Drug Ingredient Interaction Network to Ensure Medication Security (video)

Zhiren Mao, Pingyi Zhou, Jiaxiang Zhong, Luojia Jiang, Chongzhi Deng and Jin Liu

Is the Number of Faults Helpful for Cross-Company Defect Prediction? (S) (video)

Yiyang Jing, Jiansheng Zhang and Jin Liu

Using Class Imbalance Learning for Cross-Company Defect Prediction (S) (video)

Xiao Yu, Mingsong Zhou, Xu Chen and Lijun Deng

Improving Bug Triage with Relevant Search

Xinyu Peng, Pingyi Zhou, Jin Liu and Xu Chen

Concurrent Call Level Interfaces Based on an Embedded Thread Safe Local Memory Structure

Óscar Mortágua Pereira and Rui Aguiar

Parallel Execution Optimization of GPU-aware Components in Embedded Systems

Gabriel Campeanu

New Optimal Solutions for Real-Time Scheduling of Operating System Tasks Based on Neural Networks

Hamza Gharsellaoui

Model Construction and Data Management of Running Log in Supporting SaaS Software Performance Analysis

Rui Wang, Shi Ying, Chengai Sun, Hongyan Wan, Huolin Zhang, Xiangyang Jia

Conceptual Software Design: Algebraic Axioms for Conceptual Integrity

Iaakov Exman and Phillip Katz

A Method to Analyze High Level Petri Nets using SPIN Model Checker

Dewan Mohammad Moksedul Alam and Xudong He

Algebraic Formalization and Verification of PKMv3 Protocol using Maude

Jia She, Xiaoran Zhu and Min Zhang

A Formal Design Model for Cloud Services (S)

Meng Sun and Guirong Fu

15:00 – 15:20

Coffee Break

15:20 – 16:35

Parallel Sessions

Session Wed-I-4
Feature Selection
Chair: Jessie Carbonnel
(Carnegie I-II)

Session Wed-II-4
Requirements Modeling
Chair: BingYang Wei
(Ball Room I-III)

Session Wed-III-4
Software Testing I
Chair: Patricia Vilain
(Ball Room IV-VI)

Exploring the Influence of Feature Selection Techniques on Bug Report Prioritization (video)

Yabin Wang, Tieke He, Weiqiang Zhang, Chunrong Fang and Bin Luo

Analyzing Variability in Product Families through Canonical Feature Diagrams

Jessie Carbonnel, Marianne Huchard and Clémentine Nebut

An Empirical Study on the Equivalence and Stability of Feature Selection for Noisy Software Defect Data (video)

Zhou Xu, Jin Liu, Zhen Xia and PeiPei Yuan

A Membership-based Multi-dimension Hierarchical Deep Neural Network Approach for Fault Diagnosis (S)

Liangliang Li, Guilan Dai and Yong Zhang

Context Model Acquisition from Spoken Utterances

Sebastian Weigelt, Tobias Hey and Walter F. Tichy

A Comparison of Two Model Transformation Frameworks for Multiple-viewed Software Requirements Acquisition

Bingyang Wei

Selection and prioritization of software requirements using the Verbal Decision Analysis paradigm (S) (video)

Paulo Alberto Melo Barbosa, Plácido Rogério Pinheiro, Francisca Raquel De Vasconcelos Silveira and Marum Simão Filho

Multi-Objective Crowd Worker Selection in Crowdsourced Testing (video)

Qiang Cui, Song Wang, Junjie Wang, Yuanzhe Hu, Qing Wang and Mingshu Li

Reuse of Fixture Setup between Test Classes

Lucas Pereira Da Silva and Patrícia Vilain

An Ontology-based Knowledge Management System for Software Testing (S)

Shanmuganathan Vasanthapriyan, Jing Tian, Dongdong Zhao, Shengwu Xiong and Jianwen Xiang

16:45 – 18:30

Parallel Sessions

Session Wed-I-5
Posters and Demos
Chair: Masoud Sadjadi
(Carnegie I-II)

Session Wed-II-5
Model Driven Development
Chair: Iaakov Exman
(Ball Room I-III)

Session Wed-III-5
Software Testing II
Chair: Jerry Gao
(Ball Room IV-VI)

Systems Implantation: A Comparative Study and Identification of Gaps in Usual Methodologies (P) (video)

Marisa Panizzi, Alejandro Hossian and Ramon Garcia-Martinez

Custom Process to Small Business (P)

Rodrigo Rocha Silva, Fernanda Yuri Kimura, Joubert de Castro Lima and Jorge Bernardino

Visual Development Platform for Ruby on Rails (P)

Anmol Desai, Nicholas Molloy, Jing Sun and Gillian Dobbie

Home automation:HMM based fuzzy rule engine for Ambient intelligent smart space (P) (video)

Gopal Singh Jamnal, Xiaodong Liu and Lu Fan

Named Entity Extraction and Classification in Digital Publications (P)

Chuan-Yu Wu, Bom Yi Lee, Jing Sun, Yin Yin Latt, Kim Shepherd and Jared Watts

Knowledge Management in a Software Development Organization: Identifying Tools, Processes and Benefits (P) (video)

Felipe Furtado, Gustavo Alexandre, Nelson Leit. J.ior, Ivaldir Farias Junior and Hermano Moura

Implementing and Evaluating Scrum in Computer Science Senior Projects (P)

Maral Kargarmoakhar, Mohsen Taheri and S. Masoud Sadjadi

A Comparative Analysis of Classification Algorithms in Diabetic Retinopathy Screening (P) (video)

Saboora Mohammadian, Ali Karsaz and Yaser M. Roshan

A Conversational Workflow Model for Chatbot (P)

Francesco Colace, Antonio Ferraioli, Luca Garofalo, Saverio Lemma, Marco Lombardi, Francesco Pascale and Alfredo Troiano

A Framework for Developing Cyber Physical Systems

Xudong He, Zhijiang Dong, Heng Yin and Yujian Fu

Towards Code Generation from Design Models

Pengyi Li, Jing Sun and Hai Wang

Self-adaptive Systems Driven by Runtime Models

Marcello Thiry and Roger A. Schmidt

Extending HL7 RIM Model to Capture Physical Activity Data

Rishi Saripalle

An Approach to Mobile Application Testing Based on Natural Language Scripting

Chuanqi Tao and Jerry Gao

Random GUI Testing of Android Application Using Behavioral Model

Woramet Muangsiri and Shingo Takada

Localization of Linearizability Faults on the Coarse-grained Level

Zhenya Zhang, Yu Zhang and Peng Wu

Predicate Interpretation Analysis Based on Soot (S) (video)

Chunrong Fang, Qingkai Shi, Yang Feng, Zicong Liu, Xiaofang Zhang and Baowen Xu

18:00 – 19:00

Reception and Wine Tasting (for all attendees)
(Carnegie I-II)

19:00 – 21:00

Conference Dinner (for attendees with regular and student registration)
(Ball Room I-III)




Thursday, July 6

07:30 – 08:10

Registration (Schenley Pre-Hall)

08:10 – 09:00

(Keynote II) Chair: Oscar Pereira
Panos Chrysanthis, User-centric Techniques for Big Data Exploration
(Carnegie I-II)

09:00 – 09:20

Coffee Break

09:20 – 10:15

Parallel Sessions

Session Thu-I-1
Data Mining I
Chair: Reinier Morejon Novales
(Carnegie I-II)

Session Thu-II-1
Quality Assurance I
Chair: Lan Lin
(Ball Room I-III)

Session Thu-III-1
Chair: Jing Sun
(Ball Room IV-VI)

Generating Software Agents for Data Mining: An Example for the Health Data Area (video)

Reinier Morejon, Marx Viana and Carlos José Lucena

Distributed API Protocol Mining (video on YouKu)

Deng Chen, Yanduo Zhang, Wei Wei, Rongcun Wang, Xiaolin Li, Shixun Wang and Rubing Huang

Automatic Type Inference for Proactive Misconfiguration Prevention (youku video)

Xu Xiangyang, Li Shanshan, Guo Yong, Liu Xiaodong, Li Wang and Liao Xiangke

Combing Data Filter and Data Sampling for Cross-Company Defect Prediction: An Empricial Study (S) (video)

Man Wu, Xiao Yu, Yan Zhang and Mandi Fu

SnippetGen:Enhancing the Code Search via Intent Predicting (video)

Qing Huang, Guoqing Wu and Yangrui Yang

LaSaS: an Aggregated Search based Graph Matching Approach (video)

Ghizlane Echbarthi and Hamamache Kheddouci

An Event Search Platform Using Machine Learning (S)

Marcelo Rodrigues, Rodrigo Rocha Silva and Jorge Bernardino

10:25 – Noon

Parallel Sessions

Session Thu-I-2
Data Mining II
Chair: Santanu Rath
(Carnegie I-II)

Session Thu-II-2
Quality Assurance II
Chair: Mirko Perkusich
(Ball Room I-III)

Session Thu-III-2
Chair: Jing Sun
(Ball Room IV-VI)

The effects of classifiers diversity on the accuracy of stacking (video)

Mariele Lanes, Eduardo Borges and Renata Galante

Discovering Hidden Interests from Twitter for Multidimensional Analysis

Dongjin Yu, Jingchao Sun and Yiyu Wu

Software Defect Prediction Using Dictionary Learning (video)

Hongyan Wan, Guoqing Wu, Ming Cheng, Qing Huang and Mengting Yuan

Map-Reduce based Link Prediction for Large Scale Social Network (S)

Ranjan Kumar Behera, Abhishek Shukla, Sambit Mahapatra, Santanu Kumar Rath and Swapan Bhattacharya

A Practical Study on Quality Evaluation for Age Recognition Systems

Chuanqi Tao, Hao Chen and Jerry Gao

FSCR:A Feature Selection Method for Software Defect Prediction (S) (video)

Ziyi Ma, Mingsong Zhou, Xiao Yu and Chuanxiang Ma

An empirical study on the influence of context in computing thresholds for Chidamber and Kemerer metrics (S)

Leonardo C. Santos, Renata Saraiva, Mirko Perkusich, Hyggo O. Almeida and Angelo Perkusich

Who Will be Interested in? A Contributor Recommendation Approach for Open Source Projects (video)

Xunhui Zhang, Tao Wang, Gang Yin, Cheng Yang and Huaimin Wang

A GQM-based Approach for Software Process Patterns Recommendation

Zhangyuan Meng, Cheng Zhang, Beijun Shen and Yin Wei

Cold-Start Developer Recommendation in Software Crowdsourcing: A Topic Sampling Approach

Yu Yang, Wenkai Mo, Beijun Shen and Yuting Chen

Automated Software Security Requirements Recommendation Based on FT-SR Model (S) (video)

Jiangjuan Wang, Xiaohong Li, Zhiyong Feng, Jianye Hao, Guangquan Xu and Zhuobing Han

Noon – 13:00

Lunch Break

13:00 – 15:00

Parallel Sessions

Session Thu-I-3
Big Data R&D In Knowledge Engineering-II
Chair: Xiao Yu
(Carnegie I-II)

Session Thu-II-3
Conceptual Integrity of Software Systems
Chair: Iaakov Exman
(Ball Room I-III)

Session Thu-III-3
Code Analysis I
Chair: Zadia Codabux
(Ball Room IV-VI)

A Reinforced Hungarian Algorithm for Task Allocation in Global Software Development (video)

Xiao Yu, Man Wu, Xiangyang Jia and Ye Liu

A Data Filtering Method Based on Agglomerative Clustering

Xiao Yu, Peipei Zhou, Jiansheng Zhang and Jin Liu

An Ontology-based Approach to Semantic Health Resource Knowledge Base Development for Crisis Preparation Decision Support System (S) (video)

Min Zhu, Jia Qu, Ruxue Chen, Xinzhi Wang, Quanyi Huang and Shaobo Zhong

Constantly Evaluting English Writing Ability of L2 Students (S)

Li Li

Knowledge Discovery Process for Description of Spatially Referenced Clusters (video)

Giovanni Dai�n Rottoli, Hernan Merlino and Ramon Garcia-Martinez

Conceptual Integrity of Software Systems: Architecture, Abstraction and Algebra

Iaakov Exman

Conceptual Integrity without Concepts

Giorgio Grasso and Alice Plebe

Extraction of Patterns Using NLP: Genetic Deafness (S) (video)

Anabel Fraga, Valentin Moreno, Eugenio Parra and Javier Garcia

Extending Software Systems While Keeping Conceptual Integrity - Position Paper (S)

Reuven Yagel

A Comparative Study of Software Bugs in Clone and Non-Clone Code

Judith F. Islam, Manishankar Mondal, Chanchal K. Roy and Kevin Schneider

The Relationship between Traceable Code Patterns and Code Smells

Zadia Codabux, Kazi Zakia Sultana and Byron Williams

Refactoring Object-Oriented Applications towards a better Decoupling and Instantiation Unanticipation (S) (video)

Soumia Zellagui, Chouki Tibermacine, Hinde Lilia Bouziane, Abdelhak-Djamel Seriai and Christophe Dony

Delphi: A Source-code Analysis and Manipulation System for Bricklayer (S)

Victor Winter, Betty Love and Chris Harris

15:00 – 15:20

Coffee Break

15:20 – 16:35

Parallel Sessions

Session Thu-I-4
Chair: Celia Chen
(Carnegie I-II)

Session Thu-II-4
Software Security
Chair: Francesco Colace
(Ball Room I-III)

Session Thu-III-4
Code Analysis II
Chair: Angelo Perkusich
(Ball Room IV-VI)

A Simpler and More Direct Derivation of System Reliability Using Markov Chain Usage Models

Lan Lin, Yufeng Xue and Fengguang Song

A Process to Calculate the Uncertainty of Software Metrics-based Models Using Bayesian Networks (S)

Renata Saraiva, Mirko Perkusich, Hyggo Almeida and Angelo Perkusich

Safe Incremental Design of UML Architectures (S)

Anne-Lise Courbis, Thomas Lambolais and Thanh-Hung Nguyen

Enhancing sample-based scheduler with collaborate-state in big data cluster (S)

Chunliang Hao, Celia Chen, Jie Shen, Mingshu Li and Barry Boehm

A Stratification and Sampling Model for Bellwether Moving Window (video)

Solomon Mensah, Jacky Keung, Michael Bosu, Kwabena Bennin and Patrick Kwaku Kudjo

Security Requirements for Tolerating Security Failures (S)

Michael Shin and Don Pathirage

SemHunt: Identifying Vulnerability Type with Double Validation in Binary Code (S) (video)

Yao Li, Weiyang Xu, Yong Tang, Xianya Mi and Baosheng Wang

A Tailor made System for providing Personalized Services (S)

Mario Casillo, Francesco Colace, Saverio Lemma, Marco Lombardi and Francesco Pascale

Fault Interference and Coupling Effect (video)

Chunrong Fang, Yang Feng, Qingkai Shi, Zicong Liu, Shuying Li and Baowen Xu

Reranking-based Crash Report Deduplication (S)

Akira Moroo, Akiko Aizawa and Takayuki Hamamoto

Analyzing duplication on code generated by Scaffolding frameworks for Graphical user interfaces (S)

André M. Andrade, Rodrigo A. Vilar, Anderson A. Lima, Hyggo Almeida and Angelo Perkusich

Dedicated Static Sampling Pointcut Designators (S)

Amjad Nusayr

17:30 – 22:00

Chicken & Ribs - Lock & Dam Dinner Cruise (for attendees with regular registration. Others can purchase tickets directly from www.gatewayclipper.com. Bus boarding at 5:30pm in front of hotel entrance. Return bus departs at 9:45pm from the Pier.)




Friday, July 7

07:30 – 08:10

Registration (Schenley Pre-Hall)

08:10 – 09:00

(Award Ceremony) JVLC S. K. Chang Best Paper Award
After careful deliberations, the Selection Panel has unanimously selected the following paper to receive this year's award.
Situated Analytics: Demonstrating immersive analytical tools with Augmented Reality by Neven A.M.ElSayed, Bruce H. Thomas, Kim Marriott, Julia Piantadosi and Ross T. Smith (Journal of Visual Languages and Computing 36, 2016, 13-23)
(DMS Plenary Talk) Chair: Angelo Perkusich
Giuseppe Polese, Relaxed Functional Dependencies for Big & Multimedia Data Challenges
(Carnegie I-II)

09:00 – 09:20

Coffee Break

09:20 – 10:35

Parallel Sessions

Session Fri-I-1
DMS-I Visual Software Support Tools
Chair: Jennifer Leopold
(Carnegie I-II)

Session Fri-II-1
Chair: WenHui Chen
(Ball Room I-III)

Session Fri-III-1
Software Education
Chair: Stefan Reiterer
(Ball Room IV-VI)

Gitsubmit and VeCVL: Integrating Version Control in Introductory Computer Science Education (S)

Nathan Eloe

Package Dependency Visualization: Exploration and Rule Generation (S)

Mubarek Mohammed and James W. Fawcett

The Design and Evaluation of a Text Editing Technique for Stylus-Based Tablets

Gennaro Costagliola, Mattia De Rosa and Vittorio Fuccella

A Publish-Subscribe based Architecture for Testing Multi-Agent Systems (video)

Nathalia Nascimento, Carlos Juliano Viana, Arndt Staa and Carlos Lucena

Practical Reasoning in an Argumentation-based Decision BDI Agent: a Case Study for Participatory Management of Protected Areas (S) (video?)

Pedro Elkind Velmovitsky, Jean-Pierre Briot, Marx Viana and Carlos Lucena

Working Towards a BDI.Agent Based on Personality Traits to Improve Normative Conflicts Solution (S) (video?)

Paulo H. C. Alves, Marx L. Viana and Carlos J. P. De Lucena

A Virtual Environment for Problem-Based Learning in Software Engineering Education

Simone Santos and Bruno Bessa

Knowledge-based Learning Content Generation in the STUDYBATTLES Environment

Amal Shehadeh, Alexander Felfernig, Michael Jeran, Martin Stettinger and Stefan Reiterer

Development of a Data Mining Education Framework for Visualization of Data in Distance Learning Environments (S) (video)

Angelo F. D. Gonçalves, Alexandre M. A. Maciel and Rodrigo L. Rodrigues

10:45 – Noon

Parallel Sessions

Session Fri-I-2
DMS-II Visual-Aided Data Network Analysis
Chair: Nathan Eloe
(Carnegie I-II)

Session Fri-II-2
Chair: WenHui Chen
(Ball Room I-III)

Session Fri-III-2
DMS-IV Computational Intelligence, Models and Algorithms
Chair: Flora Amato
(Ball Room IV-VI)

Improving MapReduce Performance By Using A New Partitioner In YARN (video?)

Lu Wei, Chen Lei, Yuan Haitao, Weiwei Xing, Liqiang Wang and Yong Yang

Interactive Visualization of Robustness Enhancement in Scale-free Networks with Limited Edge Addition (RENEA)

Armita Abedijaberi, Nathan Eloe and Jennifer Leopold

Effective Path Summary Visualization on Attributed Graphs (S)

Ka Wai Yung and Shi-Kuo Chang

Morpheme-Enhanced Spectral Word Embedding (video)

Jiawei Liu

A Lightweight Approach for Evaluating Sufficiency of Ontologies (S) (video)

Lalit Sanagavarapu, Sai Gollapudi, Sridhar Chimalakonda, Y. Raghu Reddy and Venkatesh Choppella

Understanding the Impact of using Ontology Matching Tools for Validating the Feature Models with Domain Knowledge (S)

Nada Mahmoud, Haitham Hamza and Yasser Kamal

Towards a Model-Driven Platform for Evidence based Public Health Policy Making (S)

Marios Prasinos, George Spanoudakis and Dimitrios Koutsouris

Car2Car framework based on DDGP3

Walter Balzano, Vinicio Barbieri and Giovanni Riccardi

A text mining methodology for hot topic detection in social networks (S)

Flora Amato, Giovanni Cozzolino, Antonino Mazzeo and Antonio Pizzata

Sentiment Analysis on yelp social network (S)

Flora Amato, Giovanni Cozzolino, Vincenzo Moscato, Antonio Picariello and Giancarlo Sperlì

Ergodic Hidden Markov Models for Workload Characterization Problems (P) (video)

Alfredo Cuzzocrea, Enzo Mumolo and Gianni Vercelli

Work in Progress: Identifying and Analyzing Original Projects in an Open-Ended Blocks Programming Environment (P)

Franklyn Turbak, Eni Mustafaraj, Maja Svanberg and Michael Dawson

Noon – 13:00

Lunch Break

13:00 – 15:00

Parallel Sessions

Session Fri-I-3
DMS-III Visualization and Computing of Multimedia Data
Chair: Franklyn Turbak
(Carnegie I-II)

Session Fri-II-3
Development Tools
Chair: Gilberto Cysneiros Filho
(Ball Room I-III)

Session Fri-III-3
Data Analysis
Chair: WenHui Chen
(Ball Room IV-VI)

Crowd Behaviors Analysis and Abnormal Detection in Structured Scene (S) (video)

Jiaqian Qi, Weibin Liu and Weiwei Xing

Assessing RDF Graph Databases for Smart City Services

Paolo Nesi and Pierfrancesco Bellini

Context Aware Computing for e-Tourism: SMARTApp Salerno

Francesco Colace, Saverio Lemma and Marco Lombardi

A Mobile TDR System for Smart Phones (S) (video)

Shikuo Chang, Wei Guo, Duncan Yung, ZiNan Zhang, HaoRan Zhang and WenBin You

Automatic Classification of Review Comments in Pull-based Development Model (video)

Zhixing Li, Yue Yu, Gang Yin, Tao Wang and Huaimin Wang

Mining Developer Behavior Across Github and StackOverflow

Yunxiang Xiong, Zhangyuan Meng, Beijun Shen and Wei Yin

Exploring Identical Users on GitHub and Stack Overflow

Takahiro Komamizu, Yasuhiro Hayase, Toshiyuki Amagasa and Hiroyuki Kitagawa

D3TraceView: A Traceability Visualization Tool (S)

Gilberto Cysneiros Filho and Andrea Zisman

Analyzing Complex Data in Motion at Scale with Temporal Graphs

Thomas Hartmann, Francois Fouquet, Matthieu Jimenez, Romain Rouvoy and Yves Le Traon

MAGICIAN: Model-based design for optimizing the configuration of data-centers

Pablo C. Cañizares, Alberto Núñez and Juan de Lara

Characterizing Relationships for System Dynamics Models Supported by Exploratory Data Analysis - A Conceptualizing Approach about the Meeting Diversity in Student Software Projects

Fabian Kortum, Jil Klünder and Kurt Schneider

A Software Framework for Data Provenance (S) (video?)

Tassio Sirqueira, Marx Viana, Nathalia Nascimento and Carlos Lucena

15:00 – 15:10

Awards for SEKE2017
Jerry Gao, XuDong He, Oscar Pereira and Angelo Perkusich
Awards for DMSVLSS2017
Giuseppe Polese and Jennifer Leopold
(Carnegie I-II)

15:10 – 16:00

Wine and Cheese Party (for all attendees)
(Carnegie I-II)

 # (S) indicates a short paper. (P) indicates a poster, which is not a refereed paper. (D) indicates a demo.
*(video) indicates availability of a video presentation, which must not be displayed in a frame.