2014 International Conference on

Software Engineering & Knowledge Engineering

July 1-3, 2014

Hyatt Regency, Vancouver, Canada


Monday, June 30

18:30- 20:00

Pre-Registration (Georgia Foyer - 2nd floor)


Tuesday, July 1

07:15 - 08:00

Registration (Georgia Foyer - 2nd floor)

08:00 - 08:10

Welcome (Swapna Gokhale, Shi-Kuo Chang and Marek Reformat)

08:10 - 09:00

Keynote by Professor S. T. Vuong (Plaza Ballroom - 2nd floor) (Chair: Marek Reformat)

09:00 - 09:20

Coffee Break

09:20 – 10:35

Parallel Sessions

Georgia A - 2nd floor

Georgia B - 2nd floor

Oxford/Prince of Wales - 3rd floor

SSS-7 Testing: Network Protocols, Models and Development

(Chair: Behrouz Far)

SSS-1 Metrics Analysis and Utilization

(Chair: Hironori Washizaki)

SSS-4 Mobile Applications

(Chair: Muztaba Fuad)

Testing Network Protocols: formally, at runtime and online (S)(PPT)

Xiaoping Che, Stephane Maag, Jorge Lopez and Ana Cavalli

Testing Model Transformation Programs using Metamorphic Testing (S)

Mingyue Jiang, Tsong Yueh Chen, Fei-Ching Kuo, Zhiquan Zhou and Zuohua Ding

Reactive Variability Realization with Test Driven Development and Refactoring (S)

Glauco Neves and Patrícia Vilain

Service Identification Based on Quality Metrics - Object-Oriented Legacy System Migration Towards SOA (S)

Seza Adjoyan, Abdelhak-Djamel Seriai and Anas Shatnawi

Automated Metrics Collection for IEC61131-3 Languages from Engineering Tools (S)  

Mani Shankar and Anil Nair

GUIEvaluator: A Metric-tool for Evaluating the Complexity of Graphical User Interfaces (S)  

Khalid Alemerien and Kenneth Magel

Design and Development of a Mobile Classroom Response Software for Interactive Problem Solving (S)

Mohammad Muztaba Fuad and Debzani Deb

Towards Automatic Consistency Checking between Web Application and its Mobile Application (S)

Xiangping Chen and Zhensheng Xu(PPT)

Mobile Applications: The Paradox of Software Estimation (S)(PPT)  

Laudson Silva de Souza and Gibeon Soares de Aquino Jr.

10:35 – 10:45

Coffee Break

10:45 – 12:05

Parallel Sessions

Georgia A - 2nd floor

SSL-1 Agile Development: Quality, Effort and Documenting

(Chair: Gursimran S. Walia)

Georgia B - 2nd floor

SSL-2 UML: Transformation, Semantics and Model Generation

(Chair: Hironori Washizaki)

Oxford/Prince of Wales - 3rd floor

SSL-3 Agents: Componenets and Application

(Chair: Debzani Deb)

The Agile Quality Culture - A survey on agile culture and software quality (S)  

Bruno Oliveira and Simone Souza

Story Point Approach based Agile Software Effort Estimation using Various SVR Kernel Methods (S)  

Shashank Mouli Satapathy, Aditi Panda and Santanu Kumar Rath

Identifying and Recording Software Architectural Assumptions in Agile Development  

Chen Yang and Peng Liang

Extended DEVSML as a Model Transformation Intermediary to make UML diagrams executable (S)   (PPT)

Jianpeng Hu, Huang Linpeng, Bei Cao and Xuling Chang

Detecting Semantic Equivalence in UML Class Diagrams (S)  

Valeria Costa, Rodrigo Monteiro and Leonardo Murta

Behavioral Model Generation from Use Cases Based on Ontology Mapping and GRASP Patterns  

Nurfauza Jali, Des Greer and Philip Hanna

Semantic-based Repository of Agent Components (S)  

Merlin Parra Jiménez, Andrew Diniz Da Costa and Carlos José Pereira de Lucena

A Multi-Agent-Based Approach for Autonomic Data Exchange Processes (S) 

Hicham Assoudi and Hakim Lounis

Analysis, Design and Implementation of an Agent Based System for Simulating Connected Vehicles

Elahe Paikari and Behrouz Far

12:05 – 13:30

Lunch Break

13:30 – 15:00

Parallel Sessions

Georgia A - 2nd floor

LLL-4 Testing: Randomness, Implementation and Event-Based

(Chair: Behrouz Far)

Georgia B - 2nd floor

LLL-1 Object-Oriented Programming

(Chair: Marek Reformat )

Oxford/Prince of Wales - 3rd floor


(Chair: Martin Solari)

Applying Random Testing to Constrained Interaction Testing

Yasuhiro Hirasaki, Hideharu Kojima and Tatsuhiro Tsuchiya

An Extensible Framework to Implement Test Oracle for "Non-Testable Programs"   

Rafael A.P. Oliveira, Atif Memon, Victor N. Gil, Fatima L.S. Nunes and Marcio Delamaro

Empirical Comparison of Intermediate Representations for Android Applications

Yauhen Arnatovich, Hee Beng Kuan Tan, Sun Ding, Kaping Liu and Lwin Khin Shar

Documenting the Mined Feature Implementations from the Object-oriented Source Code of a Collection of Software Product Variants   

Ra'Fat Al-Msie'Deen, Abdelhak Seriai, Marianne Huchard, Christelle Urtado and Sylvain Vauttier

An empirical study on the adoption of C++ templates: Library templates versus user defined templates

Di Wu, Lin Chen, Yuming Zhou and Baowen Xu

TyS: -A Framework to Facilitate the Implementation of Object-Oriented Type Checkers

Francisco Ortin, Daniel Zapico, Jose Quiroga and Miguel García

How to Enhance the Creativity of Software Developers: A Systematic Literature Review

Reshma Hegde and Gursimran Walia

Knowledge Transfer between Senior and Novice Software Engineers: A Qualitative Analysis

Davi Viana, Tayana Conte and Cleidson De Souza

A Knowledge & Competencies Checklist for Software Project Managements Success 

Lawrence Peters

15:00 – 15:20

Coffee Break

15:20 – 16:45

Parallel Sessions

Georgia A - 2nd floor

LLS-12 Testing and Economical Aspects

(Chair: Gursimran S. Walia)

Georgia B - 2nd floor

LLS-1 Machine Learning and Prediction

(Chair: Huanjing Wang)

Oxford/Prince of Wales - 3rd floor

LLS-11 Database Usage and Refactoring

(Chair: Arnatovich Yauhen)

Testing as an Investment 

Xiaoran Xu, Chunrong Fang and Zhenyu Chen

A Proposal for the Improvement of Project's Cost Predictability using Earned Value Management and Historical Data of Cost-An Empirical Study

Adler Diniz De Souza and Ana Regina Rocha

Improving the Cost Effectiveness of Software Inspection Teams: An Empirical Investigation (S)

Anurag Goswami and Gursimran Walia

A Dimentionality Reduction Process to Forecast Events Through Stochastic Models

Paulo Fernandes, Joaquim Assunção, Lucelene Lopes and Silvio Gomez

Choosing the Best Classification Performance Metric for Wrapper-based Software Metric Selection for Defect Prediction

Huanjing Wang, Taghi Khoshgoftaar and Amri Napolitano

Synthetic Minority Over-sampling TEchnique (SMOTE) for Predicting Software Build Outcomes (S)  

Jacqui Finlay, Russel Pears and Andy Connor

Detecting Anomaly in the Usage of Database Attribute

Kaiping Liu, Hee Beng Kuan Tan and Arnatovich Yauhen

RefactoringScript: A Script and Its Processor for Composite Refactoring

Linchao Yang, Tomoyuki Kamiya, Kazunori Sakamoto, Hironori Washizaki and Yoshiaki Fukazawa

Investigation for Software Power Consumption of Code Refactoring Techniques

Jae-Jin Park, Doohwan Kim, Jang-Eui Hong and Sang-Ho Lee

16:45 – 16:55

Coffee Break

16:55 – 18:15

Parallel Sessions

Georgia A - 2nd floor

SSL-8 Software Development Aspects

(Chair: Gursimran S. Walia)

Georgia B - 2nd floor

SSL-15 Management and Software Engineering Education

(Chair: Huanjing Wang)

Oxford/Prince of Wales - 3rd floor


(Chair: Marek Reformat )

A COSMIC Measurement Procedure for BPMN Diagrams (S)  

Beatriz Marín and José Quinteros

Proposing a Software Process Model for Follow the Sun Development (S)  

Josiane Kroll, Ita Richardson and Jorge L. N. Audy

Efficient Points-To Analysis for Partial Call Graph Construction

Zhiyuan Wan, Bo Zhou, Ye Wang and Yuanhong Shen

PSP support component integrated into a web project management environment (S) (PPT)

Antonio Marcos Neves Esteca, Rogéria C. G. Souza, Adriana Barbosa Santos, Carlos Roberto Valźncio and Vanessa Dos Anjos Borges

A Semantic Analyzer for Simple Games Source Codes to Programming Learning (S)(PPT)    

Elanne Cristina Oliveira Dos Santos, Gleison Brito Batista, Victor Hugo Vieira de Sousa and Esteban Clua

Supporting Online Synchronous Education for Software Engineering via Web-based Operation Record and Replay

Dejian Chen, Yanchun Sun, Kui Wei, Zijian Qiao and Chao Xin

Towards a Taxonomy of Services for Developing Service-Oriented Robotic Systems (S)   

Lucas Bueno Ruas Oliveira and Elisa Yumi Nakagawa

Knowledge from Document Annotations as By-Product in Distributed Software Engineering (S)  

Anna Averbakh, Kai Niklas and Kurt Schneider

Dedicated Support for Experience Sharing in Distributed Software Projects

Anna Averbakh, Eric Knauss, Stephan Kiesling and Kurt Schneider

18:30 – 20:30

Reception & Dinner (Seymour/Grouse - 34th floor)




Wednesday, July 2

07:30- 08:00


08:00 - 09:00

Panel Discussion: The Future of SE&KE (Plaza Ballroom - 2nd floor) (Chair: Shi-Kuo Chang)

09:00 - 09:20

Coffee Break

09:20 – 10:35

Parallel Sessions

Georgia A - 2nd floor

SSS-8 Testing: Generation of Tests and Unit Tests

(Co-Chairs: Mark Trakhtenbrot and Zhi Li)

Georgia B - 2nd floor

SSS-2 Performance Analysis and Evaluation

(Chair: Anil Nair)

Oxford/Prince of Wales - 3rd floor

SSS-5 Software Product Line

(Chair: Behrouz Far)

A Controlled Experiment to Explore Potentially Undetectable Defects for Testing Techniques (S)  

Martín Solari and Santiago Matalonga

Test Data Generation for Web Applications: A Constraint and Knowledge-based Approach (S)

Hibiki Saito, Shingo Takada, Haruto Tanno and Morihide Oinuma

Towards a Unified Metrics Suite for JUnit Test Cases (S)  

Fadel Toure, Mourad Badri and Luc Lamontagne

Improving Static Analysis Performance Using Rule-Filtering Technique (S) (PPT)

Deng Chen, Rubing Huang, Binbin Qu and Sheng Jiang

Performance and Usability Evaluation of a Pattern-Oriented Parallel Programming Interface for Multi-Core Architectures (S)  

Dalvan Griebler, Daniel Adornes and Luiz Fernandes

Performance Benchmarking of BPEL Engines: A Comparison Framework, Status Quo Evaluation and Challenges (S)  

Cedric Röck, Simon Harrer and Guido Wirtz

An Evolutionary Methodology for Optimized Feature Selection in Software Product Lines (S)   

Xiaoli Lian and Li Zhang

Flexible Modeling and Product Derivation in Software Product Lines (S)  

Jorge Barreiros and Ana Moreira

A Critical Embedded System Product Line Model-based Approach (S)  

Paulo Queiroz and Rosana Braga


10:35 – 10:45

Coffee Break

10:45 – 12:05

Parallel Sessions

Georgia A - 2nd floor

SSL-14 Applications

(Chair: Wen-Hui Chen)

Georgia B - 2nd floor

SSL-5 Web: Service Composition, Mining and Recommendation

(Chair: Andy Connor)

Oxford/Prince of Wales - 3rd floor

SSL-6 Business Process: Models, Rules and Management

(Chair: Des Greer)

Artificial neural networks for infectious diarrhea prediction using meteorological factors in Shanghai (S)   (PPT)

Yongming Wang, Junzhong Gu and Zili Zhou

Classifications of Topic Evolutions in Scientific Conferences (S) 

Lin Zhang, Yao Guo, Xiangqun Chen, Weizhong Shao and Lei Chen

Applications of Slow Intelligence Frameworks for Energy-Saving Control 

Wen-Hui Chen, Shi-Kuo Chang and Wen-Ping Hung

Using Web Mining to Support Low Cost Historical Vehicle Traffic Analytics (S)

Charanjeet Kaur, Diwakar Krishnamurthy and Behrouz Far

Cold-Start Web Service Recommendation Using Implicit Feedback  

Gang Tian, Jian Wang, Keqing He, Weidong Zhao and Pan-Pan Gao

QoS-Based Web Service Composition by GA Using Consumer Decision-Making Function (S)  

Gang Wang

An Improved Structure-based Approach to Measure Similarity of Business Process Models (S) 

Jimin Ling, Li Zhang and Qi Feng

A Method for Verifying the Consistency of Business Rules Using Alloy (S)  

Denilson Guimaraes, Eber Schmitz, Antonio Juarez Alencar, Priscila Lima and Alexandre Correa

Making a link between strategy and process model collections: a multi-layered approach   (PPT)

Felipe Dallilo, Joao Porto De Albuquerque and Marcelo Fantinato

12:05 – 13:30

Lunch Break

13:30 – 15:00

Parallel Sessions

Georgia A - 2nd floor

LLL-5 SS: Software Assurance I

(Chair: Kehan Gao)

Georgia B - 2nd floor

LLL-2 Architecture: Analysis and Self-Adaptation

(Chair: Wen-Hui Chen)

Oxford/Prince of Wales - 3rd floor

LLL-7 Controlled Experiments in Use

(Chair: Des Greer)

Effectiveness of Automated Function Testing with Petri Nets: A Series of Controlled Experiments Software

Dianxiang Xu

Automatic XACML requests generation for testing access control policies Software

Yongchao Li, You Li, Linzhang Wang and Guanling Chen

Reducing Test Cases with Causality Partitions   

Haijun Wang, Xiaohong Guan, Qinghua Zheng, Ting Liu, Xiangyang Li, Lechen Yu and Zijiang Yang

Software Architecture Rationale Capture through Intelligent Argumentation

Xiaoqing Liu, Nagaprashanth Chanda and Eric Christopher Barnes

 An Approach for Capturing and Documenting Architectural Decisions of Reference Architectures

Milena Guessi, Flavio Oquendo and Elisa Yumi Nakagawa

Towards a Tactic-Based Evaluation of Self-Adaptive Software Architecture Availability(PPT)

Alireza Parvizi-Mosaed, Shahrouz Moaven,
Jafar Habibi and Abbas Heydarnoori

Identifying strategies on god class detection in two controlled experiments

José A. M. Santos and Manoel Mendonća

An Empirical Study to Evaluate a Domain Specific Language for Formalizing Software Engineering Experiments

Marilia Freire, Uirá Kulesza, Eduardo Aranha, Andreas Jedlitschka, Edmilson Campos, Silvia T. AcuĖa and Marta Gómez

Identifying Threats to Validity and Control Actions in the Planning Stages of Controlled Experiments

Amadeu Anderlin Neto and Tayana Conte

15:00 – 15:20

Coffee Break

15:20 – 16:45

Parallel Sessions

Georgia A - 2nd floor

LLS-7 Social Networks and Ontology-based Search

(Chair: Haiping Xu)

Georgia B - 2nd floor

LLS-4 Software Runtime Aspects

(Chair: Arnatovich Yauhen)

Oxford/Prince of Wales - 3rd floor

LLS-9 Product Lines and Business Process

(Chair: Kehan Gao)

Forwarding Links without Browsing Links in Online Social Networks

Jing Jiang, Xiao Wang, Li Zhang and Yafei Dai

Accurate Local Estimation of Geo-Coordinates for Social Media Posts

Derek Doran, Swapna Gokhale and Aldo Dagnino

Two-Level Smart Search Engine Using Ontology-Based Semantic Reasoning (S)

Haiping Xu and Arturo Li

Reasoning at Runtime using time-distorted Contexts: A Models@run.time based Approach

Thomas Hartmann, Francois Fouquet, Brice Morin, Grégory Nain, Jacques Klein and Yves Le Traon

Generating Real-Time Profiles of Runtime Energy Consumption for Java Applications

Muhammad Nassar, Julian Jarrett, Iman Saleh and M. Brian Blake

Towards Sustainability-Oriented Development of Dynamic Reconfigurable Software Systems (S)  

Shan Tang, Liping Li, Wenjing Yang, Jianxin Xue

From Intentions to Decisions: Understanding Stakeholders' Objectives in Software Product Line Configuration  

Mahdi Noorian, Ebrahim Bagheri and Weichang Du

Towards the Establishment of a Software Product Line for Mobile Learning Applications

Venilton Falvo Junior, Nemésio Freitas Duarte Filho, Edson Oliveira Junior and Ellen Francine Barbosa

Automated transformation of business rules specification to business process model (S)

Olfa Chourabi Tan Tan and Jacky Akoka

16:45 – 16:55

Coffee Break

16:55 – 18:20

Parallel Sessions

Georgia A - 2nd floor

LLS-6 SS: Software Assurance II

(Chair: Swapna Gokhale)

Georgia B - 2nd floor

LLS-2 Software Knowledge and Inf. Representation

(Chair: Marek Reformat )

Oxford/Prince of Wales - 3rd floor

LLS-5 Security: from Requirements to Data

(Chair: Dianxiang Xu)

Bug Inducing Analysis to Prevent Fault Prone Bug Fixes

Haoyu Yang, Chen Wang, Qingkai Shi, Yang Feng and Zhenyu Chen

Development of A Sliding Window Protocol for Data Synchronization in a Flow Cytometer Software  

Junhua Ding, Yuxiang Shao and Dongmei Zhang

An Empirical Study on the Test Adequacy Criterion Based on Coincidental Correctness Probability (S)

Xiaoli Zhou, Linzhang Wang, Xuandong Li and Jianhua Zhao

Building Empirical Software Engineering Bodies of Knowledge with Systematic Knowledge Engineering

Stefan Biffl, Marcos Kalinowski, Fajar J. Ekaputra, Estefania Serral and Dietmar Winkler

A Body of Knowledge for Executing Performance Analysis of Software Processes  

Natália Chaves Lessa Schots, Ana Regina Rocha and Gleison Santos

Towards a flexible approach to manage varying and altering information representations (S)

Tobias Haubold, Georg Beier and Wolfram Hardt

Persona Security: A Technique for Supporting the Elicitation of Security Requirements   

Marco Aurélio Dos Santos, Jacilane Rabelo, Raimundo Barreto and Tayana Conte

Runtime Code Reuse Attacks: A Dynamic Framework Bypassing Fine-Grained Address Space Layout Randomization

Yi Zhuang, Tao Zheng and Zhitian Lin

Industry-wise Analysis of Security Breaches in Data Loss Incidents (S)  

Rehab El-Kharboutly, Swapna Gokhale and Lance Fiondella

18:20 – 19:00


Georgia A - 2nd floor

DBPD: A Dynamic Birthmark-based Software Plagiarism Detection Tool

Zhenzhou Tian, Qinghua Zheng, Ming Fan, Eryue Zhuang, Haijun Wang and Ting Liu


A MAPE Loop Control Pattern for Heterogeneous Client/Server Online Games

Satoru Yamagata, Hiroyuki Nakagawa, Yuichi Sei, Yasuyuki Tahara and Akihiko Ohsuga


DiCoMEF: A Distributed Collaborative Model Editing Framework

Amanuel Koshima and Vincent Englebert


Model-based time-distorted Contexts for Efficient Temporal Reasoning

Thomas Hartmann, Francois Fouquet, Grťgory Nain, Brice Morin, Jacques Klein and Yves Le Traon


Agent-based Stochastic Simulation of Schema Matching

Hicham Assoudi and Hakim Lounis

19:30 – 21:30

Banquet (Kirin Restaurant, two blocks from hotel
1172 Alberni Street Tel: 604-682-8833)




Thursday, July 3

08:30 – 09:45

Parallel Sessions

Georgia A - 2nd floor

SSS-9 Prioritization of Tests and SVN Analysis

(Chair: Anir Nair)

Georgia B - 2nd floor

SSS-3 Software Development

(Chair: Gursimran S. Walia)

Oxford/Prince of Wales - 3rd floor

SSS-6 Ontology and Knowledge Discovery

(Chair: Haiping Xu)

How to Do Tie-breaking in Prioritization of Interaction Test Suites? (S)  

Rubing Huang, Jinfu Chen, Rongcun Wang and Deng Chen

An Application of Adaptive Random Sequence in Test Case Prioritization (S)  

Xiaofang Zhang, Tsong Yueh Chen and Huai Liu

An Empirical Study on Inter-Commit Times in SVN (S)

Qiuju Hou, Yutao Ma, Jianxun Chen and Youwei Xu

A Tool for Trade-off Resolution on Architecture-Centered Software Development (S) (PPT)

Italo Silva, Patrick Brito, Baldoino Neto, Evandro Costa and Hemilis Rocha

GreenRM: Reference Model for Sustainable Software Development (S)  

Marcello Thiry, Liliane Frez and Alessandra Zoucas

A Multicriteria Approach to Project Portfolio Selection (S) (PPT)  

Everton Gomede and Rodolfo Barros

Creating Proprietary Terms Using Lightweight Ontology: A Case Study on Acquisition Phase in a Cyber Forensic Process (S)   (PPT)

Tamer Gayed, Hakim Lounis and Moncef Bari

DKDs: An Ontology-based System for Distributed Teams (S)  

Rodrigo Rocha and Ryan Azevedo

Industrial Analytics to Discover Knowledge from Instrumented Networked Machines (S)  

Aldo Dagnino and David Cox

09:45 – 10:00

Coffee Break

10:00 – 11:20

Parallel Sessions

Georgia A - 2nd floor

SSL-7 Requirements: Verification and Utilization

(Chair: Anil Nair)

Georgia B - 2nd floor

SSL-9 Clustering and Feature Analysis

(Chair: Jian Wang)

Oxford/Prince of Wales - 3rd floor

SSL-11 Ontology and Database Access Control

(Chair: Oscar Pereira)

Formal Verification of Coordination Systems' Requirements - A Case Study on the European Train Control System (S)

Huu Nghia Nguyen and Ana Cavalli

Evaluating the Use of Model-Based Requirement Verification Method: An Empirical Study (S) 

Munmun Gupta, Daniel Aceituna, Gursimran Walia and Do Hyunsook

On the Requirements and Design Decisions of an In-House Component-Based SPL Automated Environment     

Elder Macedo Rodrigues, Leonardo Passos, Leopoldo Teixeira, Avelino F. Zorzo, Flavio Oliveira and Rodrigo Saad

Text-Based Clustering and Analysis of Intelligent Argumentation Data (S)

Eric Barnes and Xiaoqing Liu

Feature Location in a Collection of Product Variants: Combining Information Retrieval and Hierarchical Clustering (S)  

Hamzeh Eyal-Salman, Abdelhak Seriai and Christophe Dony

Feature model recovery from product variants based on a cloning technique

Jihen MaČzoun, Nadia Bouassida and Hanźne Ben-Abdallah

Are The Integrations Between Ontologies and Databases Really Opening the Closed World in Ubiquitous Computing ? (S)  

Vinícius Maran, Iara Augustin and José Palazzo M. de Oliveira

ONTO-ResAsset Development: An Ontology for Reusable Assets Specification and Management (S)

Luciano Da Silva, Débora Paiva, Ellen Barbosa, Rosana Braga and Maria Istela Cagnin

Extending RBAC Model to Control Sequences of CRUD Expressions

Oscar Pereira, Diogo Regateiro and Rui Aguiar

11:20 – 12:30

Lunch Break

12:30 – 14:00

Parallel Sessions

Georgia A - 2nd floor

LLL-8 Collaborative Software Development

(Chair: Xiaoqing Liu)

Georgia B - 2nd floor

LLL-3 Architecture: Synthesis and Implementation

(Chair: Ting Liu)

Oxford/Prince of Wales - 3rd floor

LLL-9 Data Analysis in Software Development

(Chair: Gursimran S. Walia)

Case-based Reasoning for Experience-based Collaborative Risk Management

Nielsen Luiz Rechia Machado, Luís Alvaro de Lima Silva, Lisandra Manzoni Fontoura and John A. Campbell

Collaborative Merge in Distributed Software Development: Who Should Participate?  

Catarina Costa, Jose J. C. Figueiredo and Leonardo Murta

An Argument-based Collaborative Negotiation Approach to Support Software Design Collaboration  

Nan Jing, Stephen Lu and Hung-Fu Chang

Automated Software Architectural Synthesis using Patterns: A Cooperative Coevolution Approach

Yongrui Xu and Peng Liang

Towards Reusing Architectural Knowledge as Design Guides (PPT)

Mohsen Anvaari and Olaf Zimmermann

Aspect-Oriented Secure Connectors for Implementation of Secure Software Architecture 

Chase Baker and Michael Shin

Comparing Two Approaches for adding Feature Ranking to Sampled Ensemble Learing for Software Quality Estimation

Kehan Gao, Taghi Khoshgoftaar and Amri Napolitano

CoMoVi: a Framework for Data Transformation in Credit Behavioral Scoring Applications Using Model Driven Architecture

Rosalvo Oliveira Neto, Paulo Adeodato, Ana Carolina Salgado, Dailton Rodrigues de Carvalho Filho and Genival Rocha Machado

Tracing Domain Data Concepts in Layered Applications  

Mohammed Daubal, Nathan Duncan, Delmar Davis and Hazeline Asuncion

14:00 – 14:20

Coffee Break

14:20 – 15:45

Parallel Sessions

Georgia A – 2nd floor

LLS-8 Social Networks, Representation and Influence

(Chair: Gursimran S. Walia)

Georgia B - 2nd floor

LLS-10 Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning

(Chair: Wen-Hui Chen)

Oxford/Prince of Wales - 3rd floor

LLS-3 Risk Management

(Chair: Hareton Leung)

User Profile Visualization to facilitate MSLIM-model-based Social Influence Analysis based on Slow Intelligence Approach  

Yingze Wang and Shi-Kuo Chang

Method for Measuring Twitter Content Influence 

Euijong Lee, Jeong-Dong Kim and Doo-Kwon Baik

An Exploratory Search for Presentation Contents based on Slide Semantic Structure (S)  

Yuanyuan Wang, Yukiko Kawai and Kazutoshi Sumiya

Practical Human Resource Allocation in Software Projects Using Genetic Algorithm

Jihun Park, Dongwon Seo, Gwangui Hong, Donghwan Shin, Jimin Hwa and Doo-Hwan Bae

Mental models analysis based on fuzzy rules for collaborative decision-making(PPT)

Pedro I. Garcia-Nunes, Ana E. Silva, Antonio C. Zambon and Gisele Baioco

Software Requirement Prioritization using Machine Learning (S)   (PPT)

Deepali Singh and Ashish Sharma

Flood Citizen Observatory: a crowdsourcing-based approach for flood risk management in Brazil

Lívia Castro Degrossi, Jočo Porto de Albuquerque, Maria Clara Fava and Eduardo Mario Mendiondo

Lightweight Risk Management in Agile Projects 

Edzreena Edza Odzaly, Des Greer and Darryl Stewart

Snowball Effects on Risk Mitigation Scheduling: Process and Tool (S) 

Hareton K. N. Leung, Kim Man Lui and Peng Zhou

15:45 – 16:00

Coffee Break

16:00 – 17:20

Parallel Sessions

Georgia A - 2nd floor

SSL-13 Repositories: Utilization and Analysis

(Chair: Wen-Hui Chen)

Georgia B - 2nd floor

SSL-10 Release Evaluation and Change Analysis

(Chair: Hareton Leung)

Oxford/Prince of Wales - 3rd floor

SSL-12 Software Project, Information and Skills

(Chair: Martin Solari )

Understanding the popularity of reporters and assignees in the Github (S)  (PPT)

Joicy Xavier, Autran Macedo and Marcelo Maia

APT: Approximate Period Detection in Time Series (S)  

Rasaq Otunba and Jessica Lin

Exploratory Data Analysis of Software Repositories via GPU Processing  

Jose Ricado Da Silva Júnior, Esteban Clua, Leonardo Murta and Anita Sarma

RELREA - An Analytical Approach for Evaluating Release Readiness (S)   

S. M. Shahnewaz and Guenther Ruhe

Change and Role as First-Class Abstractions for Realising Dynamic Evolution (S)  

Yin Chen and Xinjun Mao

Feature-Level Change Impact Analysis Using Formal Concept Analysis    (PPT)

Hamzeh Eyal-Salman, Abdelhak Seriai and Christophe Dony

Assisting Software Projects with Assignment Recomender Creation (S)  

John Anvik, Marshall Brooks, Henry Burton and Justin Canada

Recovering Valuable Information Behaviour from OSS Contributors: An Exploratory Study (S)

M.io Andr.Farias, Paulo Ortins, Ranato Novais, Methanias Cola. and Manoel Mendon

Measurement of the Non-Technical Skills of Software Professionals: An Empirical Investigation  

Lisa Bender, Walia Gursimran, Fabian Fagerholm, Max Pagels and Kendall Nygard

17:20 – 17:50

Awards and Closing Ceremony with cocktail party (Georgia A - 2nd floor) (Swapna Gokhale, Shi-Kuo Chang, Haiping Xu, Kehan Gao and Marek Reformat)